19 Stars Who Were Told They Weren’t Pretty Enough For Hollywood But Made Mind-blowing Careers!



The sitcom star of Whitneyand comedian’s career didn’t start as it seems.When she was starting off her career, former agent told her that she should be “quirky sidekick” because she was not pretty enough to be the leading lady in the sitcom she was in.


Meryl is considered the greatest living actress and has been nominated for many academy awards. Although this King Kong star movie is considered great today at the start of her career she encountered several critics.ln Audition for the role in King Kong classic in 1976 the Italian director Dino De Laurent asked in Italian why they brought that ugly thing thinking she did not understand Italian.


Among all the Hollywood stars Sarah has received the most critics regarding her appearance. The Sex and the city star was criticized by Maxim as the un-sexiest woman alive in 2007.That has not stopped her from landing new roles and even playing lead roles and recently launched her shoe collection.


This singer and actress appeared in the list of unsexiest women in 5 spots in Maxim magazine. This talented singer appeared to the list due to the weight gain after she went down spiral with drugs. However this did not stop her from going through with the Las Vegas concert series.


Winona is the most profitable iconic actress of 90s.At the start of her carrier the casting director told her to go back to where she came from as she was not pretty enough for Hollywood. The director also told her to go back to school as she did not possess any talent in acting.


Kat is well known as Sitcom star and two broke Girls show. The star has had many critics where she was told to lose weight, dye her hair, tighten her teeth and get a tan in order to fit as Hollywood star. Generally her critics wanted her to change everything about her which she did not bother changing.


Pink is the edgy rocker who does not consider beauty as part of any success. When she was starting off she was told she would not be featured in any magazine since her beauty was not to the point. The singer has proven that looks do not determine the success by clinching many awards and is one of the successful rock musicians.


It is disheartening to know that the handsome and sexy actor was considered not “hot” for the role as Jacob in Twilightfranchise.The actor was told that after the first franchisewhere she played the role as werewolf and he worked his body and got to keep the role for the second Twilightfranchise.


This gorgeous and multi-talented singer and actress popular for the show Glee had a rough time at the start of her career. At 15 year she was told by the manager to have nose job. At that tender age she almost gave in to the critics but her mother made her to stand tall against those critics. She has since been nominated in the Golden globe award and landed a role in the show Glee.


Adele is one of the renowned singer with 10 Grammy awards. She is known for her strong acceptance and self-esteem regarding her body size. Director Chanel Karl Lagerfeld told her that she had a beautiful face and voice but she a little too fat. This was not her first time to be criticized about her body size which has not hindered her from clinching awards and having a successful music career.


Mindy is probably why people tune in to fox for her Mindy project show. She is an actress, writer and comedian. At the start of her career she was asked to audition for a show she had created in that she was not attractive enough to play herself. Since she has starred in many movies; Inside out and this is the end.


Benedict is popular movie Sherlock and has massive fans who adore him and consider him to be sexy. However this is not the case for some directors as he denied a role in a BBC series because he was considered not sexy.


This Hollywood star; actress singer and food writer was stated as the most beautiful woman alive by the People’s magazine in 2013.However this was disregarded in 2014 by Hepburn and twitter fans who thought she is not pretty enough to portray the late Audrey Hepburn in 2014 ad Campaign.


Lady Gaga is well known for her songs and performance. In Hart RAVE tour she received criticism from fans and press for gaining weight. This made her to start a social media movement for body acceptance and compassion.


The creator and star of the series Girls is also a scriptwriter, producer and director. After an episode of Girls where she starred as Hannah who hook up with a hot doctor played by Patrick Wilson fans criticized her as not attractive to have hot guy.


The pretty actress who featured as Virginia Johnson in the movie Master of sex did not start off her career so smoothly. She auditioned for various roles in WB network shows where she regarded as not beautiful enough to be given any role. She has since featured in hot tube time machine, the interview and Bachelorette.

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